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Join the revolutionary IslamicCoin with Caiz

Welcome to an innovative era in the Islamic financial world with the launch of IslamicCoin (SALM), a groundbreaking initiative by Caiz.

Ethically Aligned Solution
IslamicCoin Ethics
IslamicCoin Future
IslamicCoin Values
IslamicCoin Community

Explore how IslamicCoin (SALM) is revolutionizing the financial landscape, emphasizing shariah compliance, ethical investment, and technological innovation, while fostering a strong sense of community in the web3 space. 

Driven by faith

We make sure everything we do is in line with Islamic beliefs, making our tech products not only smart but also right according to our faith.

Community focused

We’re all about bringing people together, making sure our online community grow stronger and support each other.


We are all-in to get you ready for what’s coming next, using our smart tools to stay ahead and do well in the future.

Community Focused
IslamicCoin Community Oriented
IslamicCoin Community Focused
IslamicCoin (SALM) Community Focused

IslamicCoin (SALM) by Caiz: 
 A community-focused cryptocurrency bridging traditional values and modern technology 

IslamicCoin Community Driven
Community Focus
Community Minded

IslamicCoin (SALM), powered by Caiz, is more than just a cryptocurrency. It represents a commitment to Islamic ethics, transparency, and a decentralized approach, reflecting the essence of Islamic finance. Ideal for partners seeking integration with blockchain technology, Islamic Coin offers a trustworthy and ethically-aligned solution, aligning modern technology with traditional Islamic values. 




Be part of our IslamicCoin community today 

Joining our IslamicCoin community opens doors to a world where cryptocurrency meets Islamic principles. Connect with like-minded individuals committed to ethical practices in the web3 world. Become part of a movement reshaping the web3 landscape with trust, transparency, and adherence to Islamic ethics. 

Our mission and goal

Our mission is to establish IslamicCoin as the premier muslim community coin within the web3 space, connecting various platforms and groups that echo the values of the muslim community worldwide, fostering a united, strong community.

Our Mission and Goal




How to use IslamicCoin

Discover the versatility of IslamicCoin in various applications:

Metaverse transactions

Utilize Islamic Coin for transactions in the Islamic Metaverse. 

DeFi applications

Implement Islamic Coin in halal decentralized finance applications. 

Charitable donations

Make Zakat and other charitable contributions effortlessly. 

Decentralized social media

Facilitate value exchange on decentralized social media platforms. 

How to get IslamicCoin

For current and future CAIZ holders, an exciting opportunity awaits with the airdrop of IslamicCoin Tokens, symbolizing the beginning of a united journey in the Islamic web3 Muslim Ummah.




Trademark Ownership Notice

IslamicCoin is an officially registered trademark, with rights held since April 2021. As the original creators and true owners of this mark, we are committed to upholding all relevant intellectual property rights, ensuring the authenticity and uniqueness of our digital currency services. For inquiries about our trademark rights, please feel free to contact us at: